How to Apply for A Grant

Our Grantmaking Policies

The Sinai Medical Staff Foundation gives priority to proposals from institutions in southeastern Michigan. The dollar amount of our grants generally range from $5,000 to $50,000. Grants are generally approved for 1 year with a maximum commitment of 3 years.

Program Areas

  1. Programs which result in better health outcomes through education, prevention or access to treatment.
  2. Clinical Medical Research that prevents disease or enhances patient wellness or improves quality without an increase to cost of care or improves understanding of certain diseases.
  3. Equipment and supplies at medical facilities to support patient care.
  4. Provide support for programs that enhance health literacy.

The Foundation does not accept applications for:

  1. Grants to individuals or organizations established for profit.
  2. Loans to individuals
  3. Endowments
  4. Grants for brick and mortar
  5. Grant to support religious activities, sectarian education or political advocacy.
  6. Annual Fund Drives
  7. Past operating deficits
  8. Grants that serve people or facilities beyond Southeast Michigan

Grants are generally approved for 1 year with a maximum commitment of 3 years, based upon performance.

To qualify for a grant, the organization must be recognized as tax exempt under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Priority will be given to those projects that:

  • Address communities in need
  • Demonstrate that it is investing in the project from its own financial and fundraising resource.
  • Involve collaboration with others, where appropriate
  • Present measurable objectives which can be evaluated
  • With the exception of medical research, have a defined plan for sustaining the specific program after the grant period ends.

Application Process

Grant decisions will be made twice per year. Each cycle has 2 stages. Stage 1 elicits whether the Board wishes to consider a request based on its alignment with the Foundation’s program areas or its ability to deliver programs/services. Stage 2 invites a full proposal.:

Stage 1: Initial Application
(Generally due the 1st week in July or January): Organizations will submit an initial Application which will consist of:

  1. A completed Initial Application, signed by the agency’s Chief Executive Officer and its Board’s Chief Volunteer Officer,
  2. A summary, of no more than two pages, which concisely states:
    • A description of the applicant’s organization, its mission, the target population served,
    • The purpose of the grant, and the amount requested,
    • The need that the proposed project addresses and the SMSF program area which aligns with one of the 4 program areas listed above,
    • A brief description of the project, with a clear statement of activities/services to be provided, and the ultimate results and outcome that the initiative is attempting to achieve. (Note that those requests requiring more than one year of funding should be noted.)
    • Other sources of income which have been secured or are pending.

Stage 2: Full Proposal
As part of Stage 2, a scheduled presentation at a Board meeting or a site visit with a small delegation may be requested.

If approved, organizations will be asked to sign a Grant Agreement, which specifies all the conditions associated with the grant. The agreement will also specify the format and the due dates for a Progress Report (see below) following the conclusion of the grant term. In the event that a grant is approved for more than one year, a mid-term Progress Report will be required.


Initial Application

Format for Full Proposal

Format for Progress Reporting


Please call Howard Neistein, Grants Administrator with any questions at (248) 203-1464.